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The WPRM has over 100 pieces of rolling stock alone in our collection for our visitors to enjoy.  Among these are an example of the Mighty "Centennial", a Union Pacific DDA40X locomotive, the largest diesel locomotive ever built at over 98 feet long!  Our Western Pacific 2001 ushered in an entirely new era of Diesel Locomotive technology as it was the first turbocharged locomotive in America.  The Western Pacific 805-A is the "Belle" of our fleet, as it was built to pull the famous "California Zephyr".  Speaking of the Zephyr, the museum has many cars and artifacts of "The most talked about train in America".  We also have one of the largest collections of cabooses in the country, and we invite you to ride a few of them to experience for yourself what it's like to be a freight Conductor!  Enjoy Railroading in its "native habitat!


Maintenance is an important and ongoing task for any railroad.  The WPRM carries out various maintenance tasks around the railroad using many pieces of our vintage collection, some built specifically for the purpose of maintaining the right of way, while other pieces had been re-purposed for maintenance service.  A lot of the equipment at the museum was available for preservation due to the fact that the railroad repurposed older equipment in this fashion, making them available for preservation later on.  The Western Pacific  Railroad Museum features maintenance equipment of various sizes and vintages, from small speeder cars to a 250 ton capacity wrecking crane that we use from time to time.   We even have a working rotary snow plow used to rescue the stranded "City of San Francisco" in 1952!

Maintenance of Way Equipment of the Western Pacific Railroad Museum

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SPMW 208

SPMW 208

TSMW 0565-H

TSMW 0565

UP 900002

UP 900002


Motorcar 23

Photo by Paul Finnegan

SPMW 5595

Photo by Paul Finnegan


Photo by Mike Mucklin



Photo by Mike Mucklin


Photo by Greg Elems


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