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WPRM has 159 pieces of rolling stock in our collection for our visitors to enjoy.  Among these are an example of the Mighty "Centennial", a Union Pacific DDA40X locomotive, the largest diesel locomotive ever built at over 98 feet long!  Our Western Pacific 2001 ushered in an entirely new era of Diesel Locomotive technology as it was the first turbocharged locomotive in America.  The Western Pacific 805-A is the "Belle" of our fleet, as it was built to pull the famous "California Zephyr".  Speaking of the Zephyr, the museum has many cars and artifacts of "The most talked about train in America".  We also have one of the largest collections of cabooses in the country, and we invite you to ride a few of them to experience for yourself what it's like to be a freight Conductor!  Enjoy Railroading in its "native habitat!


The Feather River Rail Society holds one of North America's largest collections of archives, photos and artifacts dedicated to a single railroad family.  The collection is held by two departments of the FRRS.

The Historical/Archive Department manages paperwork, photographs and other archive material.

The Western Pacific Railroad Museum is responsible for working artifacts ranging from small items like lanterns and signals to full size rolling stock and locomotives.


The Flatcars of the Western Pacific Railroad Museum

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FRRX 1851 (1)

Item Image

Audio Tour Page for FRRX 1851

FRRX 1851 (2)

Item Image

TPL 411/580

Item Image
wood car, construction bunk car is loaded on it
Audio Tour Page for TPL 411/580

WPMW 274 (aka WPMW 27-4)

Item Image
The number on the car is 274, WPRM has always referred to it as 27-4, since it was part of the Elko derrick train, until the Elko derrick was wrecked in 1970. The cars from the Elko derrick train were not renumbered, and continued in MofW service until the UP merger. Some of the Elko derrick train's cars were numbered without the hyphen, but not all of them.

WPMW 274

Item Image

WPMW 08545 (1)

Item Image
half-gon/half flat
Audio Tour Page for WPMW 8545

WPMW 8545

Item Image

WPMW 8674 (1)

Item Image
boom car for WPMW 90 (50’ flatcar)
Audio Tour Page for WPMW 8674

WPMW 8674 (2)

Item Image

Flatcars formerly of the Western Pacific Railroad Museum

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FRW 15545

Item Image
Trade made with Gold Hill Equipment for Clover Valley Paymaster's car. (2007)
Audio Tour Page for FRW 15545


WPMW 8522

Item Image

Built 12-1918. 40ft steel-wood
ex WP 17491
Donated by Union Pacific
Traded with Western Railroad Museum (Rio Vista) in 2003.

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