Flying Scotsman in North America

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Flying Scotsman in North America
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In October 2022, we were contacted by documentary filmmaker Rowan Kinnane, from Tasmania, Australia.

He informed us about several video projects that he was working on. One of those was the Flying Scotsman’s visit to the USA.

He was interested in the trip of the Flying Scotsman across the Altamont Pass. He had looked at our website and found photos in our collection that he wanted to use.

During our year-long exchange of emails and discussions on the Flying Scotsman, we exchanged several messages and photos along with some videos that were in our collection. Thanks to Ken Meeker, Virgil Staff’s and Kent Stephens collections, we were able to find several items that were very useful to the project.

The video has now been completed and the FRRS is given credit in the video for the materials used from the archives.



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