WP 705


Western Pacific 705

1952 EMD GP7


Model:  GP7

Prime Mover:  EMD 567B - 16 Cylinder

Builder:  Electro-Motive Division (Progress Rail)

Horsepower:  1500

Built:  October 1952

Operating Weight:  251,700 lbs. (126 Tons)

Builder #:  17029

Length:  56 ft. 2 in.

Status:  Stored, pending restoration

Maximum Speed: 65 MPH




705 Came to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum from Arizona where she spent several years working in the desert hauling freight for shortline "Arizona Central" after retirement from the Western Pacific.  This explains the faded red paint.  705 was purchased by a group of FRRS members and brought "home" in 2005.  Nicknamed "Mary Kay" due to it's pink (faded red) paint, the 705 will be restored as time and money allow.  For the time being, WP 705 is stored at the museum on display.  Once mechanical restoration is completed, it will be pained the Perlman Green and Orange paint scheme.

WP 705
WP 705 in service during a layover at "Jeffrey Shops" in Sacramento, CA in the early 1970's.
WP 705
Inside WP 705 cab.
WP 705 - photo by Garth Groff
WP 705 - photo by Garth Groff
WP GP7 705 - August 14, 1977 - Oakland, CA
Thomas G. Acheson photo. Frank Brehm Collection
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