Working on the RR

- Paul Finnegan

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Working on the RR

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Links to photographs in slide show:

Image number 1 -- Brittany Knunson and Kenneth Finnegan - a team
Image number 2 -- Kenneth on catwalk
Image number 3 -- Brittany Knunson working on UP849
Image number 4 -- Alan Hirasawa and Kenneth changing batteries
Image number 5 -- Changing batteries
Image number 6 -- Changing brake shoes
Image number 7 -- Dealing with old oil
Image number 8 -- Kenneth and Steve Habeck doing a heavy lift
Image number 9 -- Kerry clearing snow on Opening Day
Image number 10 -- Laying track in 2007
Image number 11 -- Lew Barnard making a governor harness
Image number 12 -- Kenneth pulling wire for Lew
Image number 13 -- Wiring the new harness for WP705
Image number 14 -- Removing top hatch on WP917
Image number 15 -- Charlie Spikes (& Chris Allan?) working on WP165
Image number 16 -- Spotting the train
Image number 17 -- Gandy Dancers at work

Page last updated:  Thu Apr 21 19:34:02 PDT 2022