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WP 10760

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WP 10760

ACF Selective Hopper ballast car

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BuilderAmerican Car Foundry
BuiltApril-May 1957
TypeHK selective hopper
Acquisition Purchased by FRRS

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Audio Transcript:
WP 10760 Hopper

In 2001, Union Pacific had shoved ex-Western Pacific ballast car 10760 into the Jim Dobbas Inc. rail yard in Roseville for scrapping. The FRRS made special arrangements to purchase the car for $1000 from the scrapper.

Ballast Car 10760 was built by the American Car Foundry in April-May 1957. It is a class HK selective hopper type car with type B cast steel wheels in American Steel Foundry A-3 ride control trucks with Timken roller bearings. The term “selective” is applied to hoppers that can open either a single or multiple gates to unload the ballast.

The car is 32 feet 6 1/2 inches long with a maximum load limit of 140,000 lbs. Its internal volume is 1,694 cubic feet.