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UP 5810 RPO

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UP 5810 RPO

Railway Post Office

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The UP 5810 is usually not open to the public, but you can scroll down this page and see some interior photos.

BuiltJanuary 1942
TypeFloor Plan 7470
Lot number6664
LengthOver Buffers: 84'-10"
Acquisition arranged by Steve Lee, then in charge of the UP Steam and Heritage Fleet programs.




Photos by - Paul Finnegan 4/11/2016

Audio Transcript:
UP 5810 - Railway Post Office Car

Shortly after W.W.II, there were 1,500 RPO routes crisscrossing the United States with more than 30,000 workers in more than 4,000 cars. The use of RPO cars declined during the 1960's, and by 1965, only 190 trains carried mail. In 1971, the Post Office terminated seven of the eight remaining routes.[1]

UP 5810 was built in January 1942, part of Pullman-Standard Lot #6664, Floor Plan 7470, it was the 10th car in the lot, which were numbered 5801-5810. All cars in this series were modified from Baggage-Postal to Postal-Storage and all were vacated from UP's passenger car roster in September of 1970 (going to Maintenance of Way service).[2]

UP 5810 was in a long string of maintenance-of-way equipment in Fremont in 2005. Acquisition for the museum was arranged by Steve Lee, then in charge of the UP Steam and Heritage Fleet programs.
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