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SPMW 5594

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SPMW 5594

Fairmont Motorcar

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Builtcirca 1960 +
Serial number234161 RR ID SPMW5594
Top speed
Operating weight1,052 lbs
Acquisition Donated by Kerry Cochran 2012

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Audio Transcript:

This is a Railroad Motorcar, or Speeder. Smaller models, like this one, were routinely used to inspect the many miles of track for defects. Larger versions would carry half a dozen workers and pull a few trailers loaded with spikes & tools, to handle track maintenance.

Use of speeders has been phased out over the past couple decades in favor of Hy-Rail Vehicles, which are standard road vehicles with retractable guide wheels that can operate on road or rail.

This particular example is a Fairmont MT-14L. It was used by Southern Pacific and was numbered SPMW 5594.

It was donated by Kerry Cochran to the museum in 2012.