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Operating Department

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Operating Department

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You can watch a short video about the hand signals our operating department uses to operation our railroad. (after the video starts you may wish to use the YouTube "Full-screen" option to enlarge the video if you are using a mobile device.)

Audio Transcript:
Would YOU like to work on the Railroad?
Join our Operating Department!

The Western Pacific Railroad Museum at Portola operates trains every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We also run our Pumpkin Express in October, Santa Trains in December and special event trains. If you have always wanted to have a taste of "working on the railroad", such as connecting air hoses, giving hand signals to the engineer and pulling pins on couplers, then this is your opportunity.

FRRS members (active and above) who would like to participate in the museum's train operating crews are required first to take a rules examination, sign a liability release and then to be instructed in safe operating procedures. If you are not a member, you may join at training.

There is information on the society website wplives.org, or talk with one of us while you are at the museum! We always welcome new members to join us to help preserve the spirit of the Willing People of the Western Pacific Railroad.