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CBQ 4720

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CBQ 4720

California Zephyr Vista Dome Coach

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Audio Transcript:
CB&Q 4720 – California Zephyr Vista Dome Coach

This car, named the “Silver Rifle” was built by the Budd Company in April 1948.

The Vista-Dome chair car, also called a dome coach, was the hallmark and most prominent feature of the California Zephyr. Each car featured forty-six reserved seats on the main level and an additional twenty-four unreserved seats in the dome level. Unlike many other trains, the dome seating in the forward cars was open to everyone and would remain so for the entire life of the CZ. Typically, three dome coaches were placed in each train and located directly behind the baggage car or, in later years, a flat top coach.

This car is on long term loan from the Golden Gate Railroad Museum.

The original California Zephyr ran over the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad from Chicago to Denver; the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad between Denver and Salt Lake City and the Western Pacific Railroad from Salt Lake City to Oakland. Cars owned by different railroads ran together in the train.