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Spring 2017 Track Work at the Museum


Seven volunteers, including five Board Members, working on tie replacement at Malfunction Junction on May 21st. The hard winter took a serious toll on some of our older ties. Today the crew worked on replacing 8 ties (3 completed this afternoon) and possibly as many as another dozen will need to be replaced immediately as well. (Left-to-right: Greg Elems, Leisa Wesch, Rick Gruninger, Steve Habeck, Charlie Spikes. Not pictured David Elems and Loren Ross.)
Photo by Loren Ross

Track work continued Tuesday May 23rd - Loren Ross is breaking up ballast with the air tamper, Charlie Spikes was out of view getting water. We got another two ties replaced.
Photo by Ethan Doty

May 29th - Tie Gang at work on the Balloon Track, David Elems, Bil Jackson, Ethan Doty and just out of view to the right Greg Elems
Photo by Kerry Cochran

June 4th - Eddie Powell, with help from Ethan Doty, got one tie out and replaced, pulled another and left a hole which was filled with a tie on June 30th.

June 29th - Don Nelson is on the backhoe digging up the ground for tie removal. Ethan Doty is behind the camera, Greg Elems is there, and Loren Ross helped too (off camera somewhere at the time.)
Photo by Ethan Doty

June 30th - Loren Ross working on digging out a tie. Greg Elems is out somewhere on the golf cart and Don Nelson is around the corner digging more trenches for ties with the backhoe.
Photo by Ethan Doty

June 30th - Greg Elems and Loren Ross pulling a tie out
Photo by Ethan Doty

June 30th - Don Nelson had stepped down for some lunch when Greg took this picture, it shows the work Don had done, but unfortunately not Don running the back hoe. Don did trenching the full length of the work site in preparation for tie replacement. A job well done and it will speed things up considerably.
Photo by Greg Elems