2017 California Severe Winter Storms

FEMA Application


On April 01, 2017 President Trump signed a Major Disaster Declaration due to the February 1 to February 23 winter storms in California. The museum suffered two major areas of damage from the February storm. Society President Steve Habeck has submitted a Request for Public Assistance (RPA) to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The two areas included in the request are the public entrance road to the museum and approximately one-quarter mile of the balloon track starting at Malfunction Junction.

Additional information about this disaster is available at https://www.fema.gov/news-release/2017/04/02/federal-aid-programs-state-california



On Friday morning July 7 Mike Wissink from Cal-OES (Office Emergency Services), representing FEMA, inspected the damage with President Habeck and Vice President/Roadmaster Elems.






Photos by Paul Finnegan