Santa Trains 2017
Photos by: Greg Elems

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Image number 1 -- Baggage car with Santa and the people starting to arrive for the evening.
Image number 2 -- David Epling was the engineer for the first nights festivities.
Image number 3 -- SP 2873 all decked out and ready for the next run.
Image number 4 -- Creative Kernels selling candied pop corn.
Image number 5 -- Santa and Mrs. Claus busy checking Christmas wish lists.
Image number 6 -- Loren Ross relaxing between trains protecting the pedestrian crossing.
Image number 7 -- Loren Ross, engineer for the evening, waiting for the first run of the night.
Image number 8 -- Quiet before the storm, so to speak. Steve Habeck, Eddie Powell, David Elems, Eugene Vicknair and Fred Elenbaas.
Image number 9 -- An awesome sunset to start the night out.
Image number 10 -- Caboose train shoving back to the platform past 805-A.
Image number 11 -- Crowds gathering for the return of the Santa train and waiting to board for their turn.

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