WP 3032

A special boxcar



Model:  Class XML with cushion underframe

Operating Weight:  100,000 + 66,200 lbs.

Builder:  Pullman Standard

Length:  50 ft. 6 in.

Built:  1955


Builder #:  Lot #8211


Status:  In service




Cargo damage has been an issue for railroads since the first freight was hauled.  When car builders began exploring new ways to secure and protect loads, the WP was one of the first roads that eagerly tried their offerings.  In 1955, Pullman built 40 50' boxcars with cushioned under frames, special load restraints and nail able steel floors.  While cushioned framed dated back before World War II, Pullman Standard's own design had first been applied to 2 WP 40; cars in 1952.  The 1955 cars used an evolution of the design and, as with the 1952 cars, the railroad touted their innovations with an eye-catching paint scheme:  solid orange bodies with huge silver feathers and "Western Pacific" spelled in script.  WP 3032 is the perhaps last surviving car to have worn this special scheme.

WP 03032 Photo


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